Create an expense claim with Mileage Mate


Create an expense claim with Mileage Mate

April 20, 2015
Chris Wankling
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After recording your journeys with Mileage Mate you may need to get the information out at some point in a format that is readable and useable. The data can be exported from Mileage Mate as a csv file, a pdf (via email) or directly to some accounting packages. But first you will need to create an expense claim.

1. Open the menu and select “Expense Claim”


2. Then click  the “Create Expense Claim” button

Mileage Mate expense claim menu


3. From here select the dates you would like your expense claim to cover and click “Create” to find your business expenses for the period.

Select the dates for your claim


4. From the expense claim details you can now email your claim directly or submit to an accounts package like Kashflow

Mileage Mate detail of expense claim



A simple process to get your information into a suitable format for your accounting records.

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