Using Mileage Mate to send an expense claim to Kashflow


Using Mileage Mate to send an expense claim to Kashflow

April 21, 2015
Chris Wankling
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After collecting all your mileage information you may want to submit the information to an accounts package, we are working on many accounts packages to make the process as simple as possible but if we don’t currently have a direct link then a csv export or a emailed pdf are other options.  For Kashflow however, the link is already in place.

1. Once you have created an expense claim in Mileage Mate you can re open it at any time by opening the menu and clicking “Expense Claim”


2. Then click on “Expense Claim History”

Mileage Mate expense claim menu

3. Select the period you want to review

 Mileage Mate expense claim periods4. Click “Submit to Accounts”

Mileage Mate detail of expense claim

5. Complete your User Name and Password information (these details are not retained and we do not view your data) then click “Test Connection”

test connection to Kashflow

 6. An unsuccessful test will usually mean that you have not enabled the API in Kashflow so you may need to log in and update your settings.

kashflow connection api error

7. A successful connection will give you the option to select which nominal account code you want the expenses to be posted to in Kashflow


Kashflow Nominal Selection

8. Once you have selected from the list of accounts, click “Submit” and the expense claim will appear in your Kashflow Accounts in no time!kashflow expense screen

9. The Kashflow purchase invoice will show each line of the expense claim and be saved in a supplier with the title of the username used in Mileage Mate.

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